First the man, then the player. It is not the tennis player who takes the court, but the person. Tennis World Academy starts with this assumption to support a 360-degree growth of the budding professional.

The player is always the core of the project, because to reach a goal you have to improve, day after day, every aspect of yourself: technical, tactical, physical, mental and above all human. 

Tennis World Academy takes care of both sports and human growth of professionals or aspirants: this is how the dream comes true. 
Our watchwords are substance and work.
Because tennis players are made, not born.

We start from the fundamentals to set up a human relation first, and then a professional one, aware that every great player is, first of all, a person.


Respect is understanding, tolerance, and consideration. Respect, in particular, is the basis of healthy coexistence and at Tennis World Academy we want it to permeate all of our relationships. Whether this be with family, colleagues and friends, coaches, teachers and staff in general, with rivals on the court, the material we use, with ourselves and, of course, with our environment.

Effort is work, it is fighting for what you want. Effort is a friend of discipline, perseverance, and of resilience. It is getting up every day, overcoming laziness, fatigue, and pain. It’s to smile in the face of difficulties and mature. Only what is earned through effort and discipline is worth it.


We could easily talk about being proud of results, success, titles, or top players, but our biggest joy comes when we realize that we didn’t only build tennis champions, but that we are also great in technical training, that we have developed a unique teaching system, that we know how to coach, and we have experts in physical and mental training. However, where we are really better is in maintaining our values. We are respectful, we all work really hard, and approach the immense jobs ahead of us with a discipline that is non-negotiable. Therefore, our biggest asset is that we build Character.